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No credit history? Bad credit? No worries! The facts of your lawsuit matters most, not your credit score.

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No need to dig into your pockets. That's because you pay zero upfront. That's right: $0 out of pocket costs.

Zero Risk

What do we mean by risk free? Keep the cash if you lose. It get paid back if and when there's a financial payout.


Have a Settlement Approaching

This type of loan allow you access a portion of the money you're entitled to get from the settlement of a lawsuit that's currently pending.


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What is a Settlement Loan?

What is a pre-settlement loan? A nonrecourse pre-settlement loan is a specialized loan that is based on the settlement money a lawsuit plaintiffs expects to recover by way of a settled personal injury claim or damages awarded in a case.

What do we mean "non-recourse?" In essence, the borrower is under no obligation to repay the loan he/she received from the company if the case is lost or the client's attorney is unable to obtain a payout.

This type of loan product differs from a bank loan. Unlike banks that require a satisfactory credit history of a borrower, a loan from a lender specializing in settlement loans require nothing of the sort.



The process of obtaining these types of loans is actually much easier and faster than many people think. The first step in the loan process is calling us or filling out the application on this website. From there, one of the underwriters will call and speak with the attorney on your case for some details about your lawsuit.

Next up: Learn the 4 steps of the pre-settlement loan process in terms of how it works.


Funding Application

Ready to apply? You simply submit your pre-settlement loan application by completing the quick online application form on this website or calling us at the toll-free number.

Underwriting Phase

The settlement loan underwriter has the task of reviewing all application for legal funding consideration. The underwriter will gather some information about your case by contacting your attorney.


A decision on whether to fund the case with a settlement loan can be available for potential borrowers on the same day or in 24 hours from the time we get sufficient information from your law firm.

Money Deposited

The money is immediately released to you after we receive the funding agreement that was signed by you and your attorney. We offer clients several convenient methods of receiving the settlement loan.

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Learn If You Qualify:

Pre-qualifying for a pre-settlement loan is the time-saving first step in a loan consideration. This allows the potential borrowers to find out if their pending lawsuit meets the minimum requirements before taking time of out their business schedule. Pre-SettlementLoans.NET can provide you with easy funding all the elements of the eligibility requirements.

The 5 Loan Qualifications:


The borrower is 18 years of age or older

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The client lives in the United States: excluding AR, CO, IL KY, SC, NB, NC, and NV (state we can't service)

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You were injured because of someone else's negligence, hurt at work in an on-the-job accident, or have a wrongful death claim

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Pending Settlement

You are a claimant entitled to a money payout

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Attorney Represented

You have retained an attorney to represent you in the case

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If you fulfill all of the requirements mentioned above, then you are eligible to begin a free cash loan application.


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